Lunch: Wednesday - Friday 11:30am to 4:00 pm;
Saturday 11:30am to 3:00pm.

Dinner: Monday - Friday 4:30pm to midnight;
Saturday 3:30pm to midnight


Tuna Tataki*
Thin slices of grilled rare tuna with
black pepper and ponzu sauce

Tuna Tartar*
Taro flake on the spicy tuna served
with miso sauce and tobiko scallions

Salmon Tartar*
Spicy salmon with cilantro tomato
roe / taro chips

Naruto* (5 Pieces)
Choice of tuna, salmon, yellow tail
with tobiko avocado

Touch Salmon (4 Pieces)
Crab stick, tobiko, tempura flakes,
mayo roll in the seared salmon

Tempura Appetizer
3 pieces shrimp tempura and
3 pieces sweet potato tempura

Tuna Sashimi* (5 Pieces)
Chilled ahi tuna on english cucumber.
Served with sesame seaweed salad,
pickled ginger, wasabi and soy

Tuna Pizza* (4 Pieces)
Fried wonton skin topped with
crunchy spicy tuna

Tuna Poppers* (4 Pieces)
Fried jalapeno topped with spicy
crunchy tuna and miso wasabi sauce
and scallions

Tuna Potato Cakes* (2 Pieces)
Fried potato cakes topped with tuna,
spicy mayo, scallions

Fire Maki* (6 Pieces)
Combination sashimi roll, lightly fried.
Served with spicy mayo and eel sauce

Yellowtail Jalapeno* (5 Pieces)
With yuzu ponzu sauce

Sashimi Appetizer*
Six pieces of assorted fresh raw fish

Sushi Appetizer*
Five pieces of assorted fresh raw
fish over rice


Seaweed Salad
Seasoned seaweed salad topped with tobiko

Spicy Seafood Salad
Shrimp, crab stick, octopus, tobiko and spicy mayo

Crab Salad
Spicy crab stick, tobiko, cucumber, with avocado

Special Salad*
Tuna, green leaf, onion, tempura wonton skin
and chef's special sauce


Omakase Special Lunch*
Each week is different

Sushi Special*
Five pieces of sushi with choice of roll:
spicy tuna, sweet potato, california or alaskan

Sashimi Lunch*
Assorted sashimi served with white rice, ten pieces

Sushi and Sashimi Lunch*
Assorted sushi and sashimi, four pieces sushi
and ten pieces sashimi

Maki Combo
Choose two or three different rolls from the following:
California roll, spicy California roll, spicy tuna, spicy salmon,
avocado cucumber roll, tuna avocado, veggie maki, Philadelphia roll,
sweet potato roll, tuna maki, salmon maki, yellowtail maki

Chirashi Lunch*
Chef's selection of sashimi on bed of seasoned rice

Vegetarian Lunch
Eighteen piece cucumber, avocado and veggie roll


Party A*
Fourteen piece nigiri sushi with california roll, spicy tuna roll and avocado maki

Party B*
Twelve piece sashimi, fourteen piece nigiri sushi with tuna maki, salmon maki and rainbow roll

Party C*
Fifteen piece sashimi, 20 piece sushi, with caterpillar roll, spicy tuna roll, negi hamachi
maki, salmon maki, shrimp tempura roll,
spicy california roll

Vegetarian Party
Two kappa maki, two oshinko maki, two vegetable maki, two avocado maki, two sweet potato maki, two asparagus maki

American Style Party (All Cooked)
(Sushi) 4 eel, 4 shrimp, 4 inari, 4 king crab. (Maki) sweet potato, shrimp tempura, California, spicy shrimp, veggie maki, crazy maki, Boston maki, dragon maki, caterpillar maki, snow dragon maki

Omakase Party
Your choice. Choose from any of our special rolls to create your own party platter


Sushi Deluxe*
Ten pieces chef's selection nigiri sushi
and tuna roll

Sashimi Deluxe*
Eighteen pieces chef's selection sashimi

Sushi and Sashimi Combo*
Six pieces sushi and 10 pieces sashimi and tuna roll

Chirashi Sushi*
Chef's selection of sashimi on bed
of seasoned rice

Tekka Don*
Tuna sashimi on a bed of sushi rice

Triple Delights - Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail*

Kohaku Don*
Tuna and yellow tail sashimi on a bed of sushi rice

Unagi Don
Broiled eel over seasoned rice

Sake Don*
Salmon sashimi on a bed of sushi rice


Burlington Maki*
Tuna, salmon crab stick and asparagus

Red Sox*
Salmon, white tuna, asparagus and tempura flake topped with tuna

Crazy Maki
Shrimp tempura, jalapeno, cucumber and scallions, chili, eel sauce

Red Spider*
Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber wrapped with tuna and tobiko, eel sauce

O. M. G.*
Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber in soybean pepper, topped with tuna, salmon, white tuna, avocado, tobiko and wasabi sauce

Dragon Maki
Sweet potato, spicy mayo roll with eel and avocado and eel sauce on top

Caterpillar Maki
Eel cucumber roll topped with thinly sliced avocado and eel sauce

Rainbow Maki
Crab stick, cucumber and avocado covered with an assortment of thinly sliced sashimi

Scorpion Maki
Spicy crunchy tuna, topped with shrimp

Boston Maki
Lobster salad with green lettuce

Escadrille Maki*
Shrimp tempura roll with avocado and spicy tuna, eel sauce and wasabi sauce

Alligator Maki*
Shrimp tempura roll with eel and kani, eel sauce on top

King Maki*
Cucumber, avocado and mango topped with tuna, salmon and spicy king crab, tobiko

Golden Maki*
Spicy tuna tempura roll cut in pieces with eel sauce and spicy mayo

Pear Maki*
Yellow tail and salmon cucumber with white tuna, jalapeno and salmon roe, wasabi sauce on top

Bruins Maki*
Spicy tuna, tempura and avocado topped with taro, tobiko and chef's special sauce

Tiger Maki
Eel, cucumber roll topped with torched squid, taro, tobiko, scallions and spicy eel sauce

Hako Tuna*
Spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado and fried onion wrapped with seared yellowtail. Jalapeno. Touch of yuzu sauce and tobiko

Ichiban Maki

Sweet potato, avocado wrapped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white tuna, albacore tuna, sweet jalapeno and chef special sauce

Dynamite Maki
Sweet potato avocado topped with jalapeno, spicy tuna and mango

Café Maki
Spicy mayo, tobiko, tuna, salmon, yellowtail and cucumber, avocado roll in white seaweed

Patriots Maki
Spicy king crab, mango, cucumber, tempura flake roll in soybean paper topped with thinly sliced avocado

Lindsey Maki
Spicy tuna roll topped with avocado, spicy king crab and tobiko

Torch Maki
Spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado and fried onion wrapped with seared yellowtail and topped with jalapeno. Touch of yuzu sauce and tobiko



Sweet Potato


Spicy Tuna

Shrimp Tempura

Veggie Maki


Avocado Cucumber Roll



Fukucho "Moon on the Water", Junmai Daiginjo, Hiroshima

Rihaku "Dance of Discovery", Junmai, Shimane

Hakushika, Junmai Namachozo, Hyogo

Eiko Fuji "Ban Ryu", Honjozo, Yamagata